I'm looking for a certain Lantern Press cardcan you order it for me?

Sure! All you have to do is commit to spend $10 per requested design. Just send us a message at hello@postcardbliss.com and let us know what you're looking for. We do special orders all the time and love helping people get the exact cards they want. We'll send you an invoice for $10 per design, and when the cards arrive, we send you $10 worth of cards (at $0.75 per card, that equals 13.33 cards, so we round up to 14).

I don't want to pay to special order cards--can you still order the design I want?

We're happy to take requests for certain designs or themes. If it's a design we want to carry in our store, we will add it to our queue, but there is no guarantee of when (or even if) your request will be ordered. Our queue has hundreds of designs in it at any time, so if there's something you really want, we advise you to request a special order.

How long does it take for my special order to arrive?

Lantern Press doesn't keep cards in inventory; they produce them once we place an order. From the time we place an order, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for Lantern Press to produce and deliver the cards. Then we ship them to you, which takes a couple days (within the US).

How will my cards be shipped?

All cards are mailed first class either in a rigid cardboard mailer or a cardboard box (depending on how many cards are in the order) so they won't get damaged or bent in transit. (A priority mail upgrade is available for an extra fee.)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Cards shipped to countries outside the US are sent via USPS and usually cost about $14.50 USD per package (this can vary based on country and whether you order a lot of cards and the package is heavy).

That's too expensive--is there another international shipping option?

Yes! We can fit up to 10 cards in a regular paper envelope for $2 USD shipping. BUT- this is not a rigid or protective envelope, so if you choose this option, you accept the risk that the cards get bent in shipping. There is no tracking, so you assume the risk that the cards will be lost. We have shipped hundreds of orders this way with a great result, but there is always the risk of damage or loss, and if this occurs, there is no replacement. This shipping option is available at checkout, and automatically selects the number of envelopes you'll need based on the number of cards you buy.

Where are you located?

We're in the lovely coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina, USA.